Why Direct Leap is a Social Enterprise

Every day, we strive to deliver the world's most advanced communication technology to the non-profit community. Tools matter, and we are committed to leading the industry by building simple yet sophisticated tools that establish new models of constituent outreach and organizing. We do this work to make a difference.

With the challenges faced on a global scale, we feel that the efforts of every single person counts. We use our talents and labor to create tools that will provide the maximum leverage to achieve this social progress — arming those doing this advocacy, organizing, and political education work with better tools for the job.

Our History

Since incorporating in 2001 with a mission of using technology for social transformation, we have designed and developed several technology products in-house, while self-funded by contract engineering projects completed for an international clientele. Direct Leap has engineered a variety of telecommunications software and hardware products for volume production, and deployed telecommunications services in several countries.

In Spring 2004, Direct Leap developed its Telemessaging Service in time to enter production for large-scale phoning to support dozens of progressive local and national campaigns. The service has since been expanded to thousands of phone lines, and has been proven itself after broadcasting more than two thousand individual message campaigns.

In 2007, Direct Leap reached an agreement with Popvox, L.L.C. to commercialize its advanced predictive dialer technology, proven in action during 2006 while serving over two dozen election campaigns. Direct Leap has dedicated its energy to further product enhancements, and the system has been expanded by operating from Direct Leap's two data center facilities.

Become Part of the Team

We live and breathe our need to find the most energized, talented, and resourceful collaborators around. If Direct Leap's products and mission could be a fit for you, contact us today.



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