Our Commitment to Security
Network Engineering for Reliability and Data Integrity

::. Application Design
Our commitment to your security began well before we wrote our first line of code. From technology selection to programming techniques, security has been our utmost concern.

::. Redundant Voice and Data Network
Our service is always available to customers over our multi-homed data connections. Our telephone connectivity incorporates fifteen throusand of lines of capacity across multiply-redundant fibre-optic telephone trunks.

::. Firewall Security
The entire Direct Leap application suite — including your data — rests securely behind firewalls and is monitored 24 hours per day for network security.

::. Regular Vulnerability Scanning
With automated vulnerability scanning systems, our security experts check for a real-time library of vunlerabilities during regular infrastructure audits.

::. Security Patching
Direct Leap monitors internet security threats and applies patches to our servers as required to further ensure the security of your data.

::. Data Backup
We use a specially-encrypted connection to backup your data on daily rotation at two geographically separated locations, to safeguard you against an unforeseeable catastrophe.

::. SSL Security
All information sent to and from our servers is protected in transit by 128-bit encryption.

::. Continuous Monitoring
We continuouely monitor the uptime of each system and service needed by our customers, and are alerted automatically of downtime or if quality assurance metrics aren't met.

::. Data Center Facility
Biometric security, closed-circuit video surveillance, automated fire detection with redundant waterless fire suppression systems, redundant backup batteries and diesel generators, and redundant raised-floor cooling systems are just a few of the features that protect the infrastructure our clients depend on.






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