Creating a Campaign using the Telemessaging Service

Creating a new message can take less than ten minutes once the script and list are in hand. Be sure to review the recordings thoughtfully before releasing the message.

  1. Create a Campaign
    Define the particulars of your message using our easy Web-based interface including calling dates, Caller ID display, and any interactive or language prompts.

    Finalize a script for your message, and be sure to verify all dates, addresses, and other details.

  2. Give our Toll-Free Number to Voice Talent
    Celebrity voice talent just calls our tollfree number and follows easy instructions to enter the message-specific PIN code and make each recording needed. During step one, the system will issue a unique 8-digit PIN code for your message.

  3. Listen to and Approve Recordings
    Campaign organizer can listen to recordings through the web-based interface.

  4. Test the Message
    Send a test call to your own phone number. Be sure to test each menu option.

  5. Generate and Import Phone List
    Using your existing database software, define a list of constituents, and export phone numbers only as a CSV or tab-separated text file.

    From our Web-based interface, simply select the appropriate phone list from your local hard disk. You will have an opportunity to set calling hours and to review any invalid numbers.

  6. Deliver Message to Sample Numbers
    Examine real-time statistics for audience retention and response rates. Revise as desired.

  7. Final Approval
    Upon approval, the message delivery begins as soon as the calling hours and start date are reached.

  8. Watch Results Live
    Watch the progress of the calling in real-time from a Web browser or smartphone. Export detailed calling records for each number, including call attempts and interactive menu selections.


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