Telemessaging Service Features

Our Commitment to Ease of Use
Our easy, web-based interface allows leaders under stressful campaign conditions to create and verify new messages in minutes.

Designed for Nonprofit Campaigns
We are committed to serving progressive campaigns and organizations. We build the world's finest tools to support causes we believe in.

Integration Friendly
We integrate to exchange data with your existing database vendors, including Convio, CiviCRM, and DIA.

Self-Serve Interface for Local Organizers
Create multiple usernames and sub-accounts to give local campaigns powerful communication tools.

Google Maps Mashup
Phone residents or members in a specific region by defining calling boundaries using our satellite map tool.

Instant Interactive Polling
Get accurate feedback from members or the public at a fraction the cost of call center surveys.

Massive Reach
Connect with millions of constituents. As required, we dedicate up to 15,000 optical telephone trunks to your campaign.

Custom Calling Hours
Assign each list of phone numbers its own timezone, and specify calling hours for each day of the week.

Instant Results
Watch the progress of your campaigns live, and instantly export calling data into Excel or your database.

Select a Language
Constituents can be prompted to continue the call their own language, ensuring the message is delivered no matter who answers.

Place calls with localized messages or interactive prompts for voters within each polling district.

Answering Machine Compatible
With industry-leading 99.6% detection accuracy, we deliver a polished message on answering machines.

No Minimum Size
Using our web-based interface, there is no minimum size for each broadcast — even with complex interactive messages.

Do-Not-Call List Management
We scrub numbers from call recipients who have opted out from future messages automatically.

Statistical Analysis
We support customers in isolating the effects of our calling efforts through statistical analysis.

CSV Phone List Support
Provide any list of phone numbers as a plain-text or CSV format. We automatically identify invalid numbers, de-dupe your list, and randomize calling order to ease statistical analysis.

Call in or Upload Recordings
Celebrity voice talent just phones our 24-hour toll-free recording line and follows the instructions to record a message. Administrators an also upload an existing recording.

Mobile Support
Our system can be used from mobile browsers, including Blackberry and Treo smartphones.

A-Z International Calling
We provide significant international calling capacity and attractive per-minute rates.

Correct-Recipient Verification
Target calls to your members only-once the member is at the phone, they press one to play the message. If the member is not available, recipients can request a call-back later, or even decline future calls.

24 Hours Emergency Service
We are committed to progressive campaigns, and we stand behind our customers — day or night.

Customer Privacy and Security
We are happy to walk customers through the security features of our system. Our infrastructure is fully firewalled, undergoes regular network security tests, and is subject to 24-hour intensive automated monitoring. Our daily remote backups are encrypted for transmission and storage, and only SSL-encrypted browser access is permitted.

Data Center Redundancy
Our facilities in San Diego and Dallas are located in a "carrier hotel" type data center complex with armed guards, redundant power, backup batteries, diesel generators, redundant cooling, and multiply-redundant Internet and optical voice trunks.



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